Drone & Blade Inspections

A faster, safer and a more cost-effective method of surveying at height.

Improving Productivity

At P&A Renewable Services we continually strive to improve the availability and productivity of your Wind Turbines. We are able to do this by reducing the duration of time required to service each wind turbine generator.

Drone Blade Inspections

We also offer blade inspections using the most up to date drones, utilising software which enables us to identify any areas of concern. The images are taken with the highest resolution cameras available and our blade expert will compile a comprehensive written and photographic report.

Quality Assurance

The current ISO 45001 standard (H&S) is our benchmark for health and safety in all servicing tasks completed by P&A Renewable Services.

Drone inspections are faster, safer and a more cost-effective method of surveying at height by reducing the time taken when regular method of rope access. Our drone pilots are also highly experienced wind turbine technicians who are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved and as such are fully insured.

We believe our servicing performance is that of a very high standard and as part of our quality assurance processes P&A Renewable Services will work in partnership with your organisation and will request satisfaction evaluations on completion of each site service. This will allow us to continually assess and improve on what service we can offer to our clients.

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